7 Ways to Motivate Your Employees to Work Harder

Stimulating workers to enhance their productivity is not as easy as it sounds. Most employees require thoughtful feedback and oftentimes simply need a little nudge forward. To help get the most out of your people, value their talent and hard work. Here are seven ways to get the absolute best out of them.

What most leaders assume is that salary is the only motivating factor required to aid the productivity of their employees. This is where they fall into the wrong pit. Why? Because money is not what employees crave for; that is simply something they can get at other places, too.

So, just think about why are they working for you and why do they want to continue working for you?

Being a good leader is all that your mindset requires. To help get the most out of people in the workplace, follow these seven guidelines and you’ll never make a wrong move again.

1. Invest your time

Are you always in your own corner, or do you invest time in knowing about your workers and their activities? You may think this is the job role of an HR manager, but if your employees do not see your interest in them they will quickly lose the zeal to work for you.

An effective leader is someone who knows his or her team inside-out, and this allows for an understanding of what individual employees need to boost their confidence and output. Know them first. Once you do, everything else will fall into place.

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2. Offer top-notch amenities

If you think that a desk, chair and laptop is all your workers need to work, then you are walking the wrong path Amenities do not only include the things they need but also the things they desire.

If your organization has a welcoming, positive environment, then your personnel will automatically feel the need to work towards its brighter future. Above everything, make sure your people are happy.

3. Accept technology as it arrives

Technology isn’t the key to productivity, but it is a motivating factor. Investing capital into modern technology will make your people feel that you want to help them with their work, and obviously, their efficiency will increase notably.

4. Listen with both ears

If your corner office is always off-limits to your employees, then don’t expect them to last long at your organization. They need your input, day in and day out, They want to hear concerns and they need you to help resolve conflicts. If your door is always open, then their problems become your problems – and from their point of view that is a very good thing. So don’t let them try to succeed on their own. Pull your people along!

5. Appreciate them generously

Giving employees a wage hike is one thing, but recognizing their work in other ways is also a tremendous motivating instrument. Be generous when someone has done an excellent job. You can always have an employee award program at the end of each year where you decorate the high achievers and encourage the other ones. This will make them understand that you value their work, which will inspire them to work even harder.

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6. Treat them when you can

You might consider this as an unnecessary expense, but trust the experts: a happy employee will go beyond his or her means to benefit the organization. Make every worker happy and content with little treats every once a while. It can be anything, like chilled beers, tickets to a game, group games, snacks or an early day off. This will elevate their mood, and encourage them to return the favor by working harder to make you happy.

7. Be flexible

Flexibility is a must! Be it office timings, deadlines or conflicts. Your employees need you to understand that there are times when they will be late, don’t submit on the deadline or have a personal conflict. Their reason may not always convince you, but look at the work record of the employee before you respond because it may be an unwanted coincidence or a just-one mistake.

Good employees don’t deserve a severe reaction. If you are flexible enough with them, then they won’t fear you but will respect you and try their best to make you happy. Just one suggestion: recruit talent with care!

If you are walking towards a brighter future alone, then you will not go very far. Take your team along with you, and you’ll find that the sky’s the limit!

Andrew W. Mitchell, Managing Editor

Contributed by Sarah Williams, a business blogger who believes that hardwork and talent triumph it all. She loves to read about talent acquisition to understand what modern entrepreneurs are made of and expect from their team.

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