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Ezayo has one of the most comprehensive global news networks in the talent management field. Our primary news feed – ‘Insights’ – provides up-to-the-minute coverage on a sector that is highly evolving and in transition. Ezayo editorial staff monitors the latest trends in careers via articles, surveys and podcasts. Here is some of our latest thinking.

Five Ways HR Can Maximize Data and Analytics

Big data is rewriting the script for how companies around the world do business. The market for big data and business analytics is expected to grow to $203 billion in the next three years. For human resources, the implications include better and more efficient talent management processes, greater insight into whether a candidate will be

Another Look at the Impact and Implications of Pay History Legislation

As more cities and states enact legislation to restrict employers, and their search agents, from asking candidates about their pay history, questions remain about the effectiveness of such laws, according to a new study by the recruitment firm NGS Global. The report, “Challenges of Gathering Compensation Data on Candidates,” spearheaded by managing partners David Nosal and

How New Market Dynamics are Shifting Priorities for Executive Recruiters

To remain relevant to their clients, executive recruiters – now more than ever – must be willing to adapt. In the new global context, “leadership as usual” is well on its way out, and recruiters must stop relying on an increasingly out-of-date search and selection approach, which is simply no longer enough. By way of

Women in the C-Suite Still Lagging Behind Male Counterparts

The percentage of women in most C-suite positions is dramatically lower than their male counterparts, according to a new report by Korn Ferry. The study, drawn from an analysis of the top 1,000 U.S. companies by revenue, examined the percentage of women by title and industry and provides an update to a similar report the firm

Mentorship Programs are Important to Retaining Top Talent

Few executives would deny the powerful role that mentorship plays in providing opportunities for personal and professional development. Indeed, most have experienced these benefits firsthand. Yet when it comes to understanding how mentoring operates – let alone how it could be harnessed to support, develop, and retain talented people – most of those same executives

How to Address Being Over-Qualified

There is nothing more frustrating than to get feedback from a job application or interview that you are “over-qualified.” When you think about this as a reason not to consider someone as a candidate you have to wonder why the decision cannot come down to whether you are or are not qualified. That seems simple

Great Resumes Make Amazing First Impressions

There’s no doubt that you’ve taken plenty of time assembling your resume. This is one of the first pieces of evidence that your potential new employer is going to see about you, and this early stage is when, where and how you want to make sure that you’re putting your best foot forward. Unfortunately, an

How HR Executives Impact People Analytics

The use of people analytics is accelerating in organizations with no slowdown in sight. The infusion of data-driven insights into traditional relationship driven business operations causes no end of consternation for seasoned HR pros. I was recently asked to help an HR leadership group understand how their roles and ways of working would change as

Reinventing Your Professional Self Once You’ve Hit 50

Decades continue to be characterized by how much younger we all are in an age where movement and evolution are key. Fifty is now the new 30, and 60 the new 40. Because Baby Boomers and those just behind them live longer are generally healthier and desire to work beyond 65, more seniors are filling

Generalist or Specialist Approach to Careers . . . Which is Best?

Are you better off approaching your career as a generalist, or is being a specialist the best way to go? It is a common dilemma faced by every job seeker – and not just at the start of careers. In fact, from entry level position holders to senior level leaders, we all contemplate how taking

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