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Ezayo has one of the most comprehensive global news networks in the talent management field. Our primary news feed – ‘Insights’ – provides up-to-the-minute coverage on a sector that is highly evolving and in transition. Ezayo editorial staff monitors the latest trends in careers via articles, surveys and podcasts. Here is some of our latest thinking.

5 Questions to Ask Before You Agree to Serve on a Board

Serving on a board can be a challenging, invigorating, and rewarding experience … but it can also become a mind-numbing drain on your time, energy, and resources. There are many factors to consider as you weigh the time, the personal investment, and – at times – the risk involved with taking on such an important

Artificial Intelligence to Transform Workplace Sooner Than Expected

We are entering a massive workplace shift that will be marked by rapid advances in automation and artificial intelligence. New research from McKinsey & Co. finds that between 75 million and 375 million workers globally will have to switch occupational categories and learn new skills in just the next 12 years because of automation and the transition to

Entering the Workforce After a Hiatus? Here’s How to Tailor Your Resume

It’s not uncommon to take a break from the traditional workforce. Perhaps you’ve taken some time off to raise a family and be a stay-at-home parent, or maybe you took a year or two off to travel and explore your options. Or perhaps your job search has taken much longer than you expected, creating a

Working Digital: How to Interview in the Digital Age

In this brand new episode of ‘Talent Talks,’ we tackle ‘How to Interview in the Digital Age’ with Ted Pryor, managing director of Greenwich Harbor Partners. According to Mr. Pryor, technology is rapidly changing the way we work, but it’s also changing the way we interview, something many executives haven’t done in years. “Some executives

11 Survival Secrets for Job Hunting in the Digital Age

In an era of massive technological change, employers are challenged to identify better ways to source and engage talent, according to recruiters. The reality is the talent management market has radically shifted, and continues to do so. When the last economic downturn of 2008 forced companies to cut recruiting costs, more economical platforms like LinkedIn and job

How Workforce Analytics Will Shape the Future of Work

Much has been said to date on the future of work. AI, robotics, and other emerging technologies are bringing on the so called “4th Industrial Revolution.” This latest revolution builds upon the Digital Revolution and promises disruption to a whole swath of existing business models. To survive, organizations must evolve and deliver new products in

Hiring for Potential or Experience?

It’s one of the biggest questions asked by first-time hiring managers: Is it better to hire people based on their experience or their potential? A cursory Google search reveals that the most popular answer to this question is “potential.” Most hiring experts seem to think that hiring someone for what they could do in the

7 Tips to the Smoothest Career Transition Ever!

At some point in life, we all will realize that the career path we take is not exactly the one we want to follow into retirement. That’s normal. Our preferences, priorities, interests and goals change over time as we mature. Despite those adaptations and adjustments, most people stick to the one industry they’ve spent years

Are Internships Worth It?

Going to work costs money, whether it’s paying for transport, or buying lunch. Everything begins to add up, and if you’re not being paid for professional services rendered, then this problem can only multiply and get worse. Clearly, regardless of experience or the position you may have within a company, everyone should be entitled to

Avoid These Cataclysmic Job Interview Mistakes

A job interview is an essential event for any job seeker. You are seeking an employment opportunity with an organization, whether experienced or fresh. However, some silly mistakes can spoil your entire impression. Professionalism demands that you should represent yourself in the best possible manner. It means, above all else, avoiding certain errors that can

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