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Ezayo has one of the most comprehensive global news networks in the talent management field. Our primary news feed – ‘Insights’ – provides up-to-the-minute coverage on a sector that is highly evolving and in transition. Ezayo editorial staff monitors the latest trends in careers via articles, surveys and podcasts. Here is some of our latest thinking.

Working With Millennials: Accommodating Interests (Podcast 9/10)

In this ninth episode of our 10-part podcast series, ‘Working with Millennials,’ we feature another highly informative Q&A with Smooch R. Reynolds, DHR International’s global investor relations and communications practice group leader. According to Ms. Reynolds, Millennials are most interested in the fabric of their work environment and how relationships are woven into broader responsibilities.

Human Capital Report Sheds New Light on Worker Potential, Income Inequality

Nations around the world are fostering inequality by failing to develop people’s talents, according to the World Economic Forum’s recently released ‘Human Capital Report 2017.’ A lack of opportunities and access to quality work, the report said, is hindering both individuals and entire countries. “Efforts to fully realize people’s economic potential – in countries at all

Executive Search 101: Guide for the Passive Job Seeker

During my 10 years in executive search, I have come to realize that there is a great deal of diversity in how executives deal with search firms and their consultants. Some display a high level of savvy — they are, for instance, consummate job hunters or experienced search clients. Others appear to have only a

Over-Automated Recruitment Process Is Leaving Job Candidates Frustrated

Eighty two percent of potential employees are often frustrated with an overly automated job search experience, according to a new study by Randstad US. The survey, which examined job seekers’ perceptions, attitudes and expectations of the job search process, revealed that while most candidates find value in technology, they are stymied when it supersedes the human aspect of

7 Key Questions to Ask Yourself Before Changing Careers

Sometimes the issue might not even be your career, but the company you work for, or the people you work with. Here are some questions that you should ask yourself to help determine if you are ready for a career change. 1. Why Do You Want to Change Your Career? The first thing you should

Close the Book on Searches and Hire the Best Candidates Quickly

Here’s a storyline that – unfortunately – plays out far too frequently: After interviewing all three final candidates for a senior level position, the members of the hiring team can’t come to a conclusion on which is best for the job. The hiring managers meet at the appointed hour, share their “gut feelings,” study organizational

How to Accommodate Millennials as Workplace Demographics Shift

By 2020, Millennials will make up 40 percent of the workforce. But the perks that motivate them are unlike those that appealed to previous generations. To stay competitive, businesses must recognize this and adapt to the evolving needs of their workforce, according to a new report authored by Susan Gottlieb, a partner for Jobplex, Inc., a DHR

The Key to Nailing Your Next Job Interview: Being Inauthentic

Don’t get me wrong, there are many important aspects to being a qualified candidate. But, if you think you’re likely to get hired just because you showed up on time and asked a good question, then you haven’t been in an interview recently. According to, 77 percent of employers believe that soft skills, like

Recruiters Face a Double Threat from Automation, But There’s Good News

Automation is already heavily impacting many jobs, especially those in manufacturing and agriculture. Of five million manufacturing jobs lost since 2000, machines have replaced 4.4 million of them, according to researchers at Ball State University. Experts expect these same forces to hit white-collar jobs. After all, technology is cheaper than human labor, increases productivity, and

The New Role of the Human Resources Leader In Business Today

In today’s very competitive business landscape, HR experts must wear multiple hats and help their employers adapt to a quickly changing workforce. The days where HR professionals are viewed strictly as administrative paper pushers are finally gone. “While today’s HR leader probably has the most stressful job in recent years, the opportunities are the greatest

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