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Ezayo has one of the most comprehensive global news networks in the talent management field. Our primary news feed – ‘Insights’ – provides up-to-the-minute coverage on a sector that is highly evolving and in transition. Ezayo editorial staff monitors the latest trends in careers via articles, surveys and podcasts. Here is some of our latest thinking.

What You Need to Know About Hiring Millennials

There are roughly 73 million Millennials in the U.S. Born between 1980 and 1996, Millennials are the largest generation in the workforce, yet many employers struggle to attract and retain them. The U.S. now has more open jobs than job seekers, and the quit rate recently reached a 17-year high. In today’s tight labor market,

Wanted: An HR Executive on Company Boards

Boards of directors are, in theory, supposed to be able to offer advice and guidance to a CEO on any aspect of an organization. One can look at any board in the Fortune 1000 and find current or retired experts in finance, strategy and marketing. That’s why boards are typically filled with current or former

The Millennial Leadership Skills Gap

Managing a team is challenging at the best of times. It’s a balancing act of meeting business goals while juggling a workplace full of different generations, all with their own set of wants and needs. But in offices around the world, there’s a growing number of leaders who are bright, talented, and most critically, young.

How CEOs Can Best Prepare to Leave the Top Post

The privileged position of a chief executive officer (CEO) brings many benefits and rewards. But it can also be isolating and intensely demanding. Research conducted by Heidrick & Struggles found that only 13 in every 1,000 CEOs of publicly listed companies move on to a comparable position. So where do they go — and how

Closing the Executive Talent Gap

Executives who are serious about delivering value should spend more time identifying their organizations’ top performers and most critical roles. Succession planning is the new competitive advantage for businesses that want to thrive in the global economy. At the same time, organizations are facing a significant talent gap at the executive level. With millions of

Productivity Wanes for Executives During the Summer Months

Summer. It’s the season millions of Americans look forward to each year. But a recent survey of professionals by Korn Ferry shows that work productivity may suffer at the expense of summer fun. In fact, nearly half say their personal productivity at work slumps in the summer. One quarter (25 percent) of professionals admitted to playing hooky from

Your Next Great Job is Hiding in Plain Sight

How bad to you want to find a new job or new career? Really, how serious, committed, and driven are you to fully engage in this exercise? How many hours per week will you commit to making this happen? On a scale of one to 10, 10 being as committed as can be, where are

Competing in the War for Talent

With the arrival of spring, 2019 is looking to be another strong year for the executive search industry. A recently released report by Bullhorn found that 79 percent of recruiting firms expect revenues to increase this year. To succeed going forward, recruiting firms must be innovative to compete in the war for skilled talent. Stuart

The Expanding CEO Role in Talent Acquisition

Talent management has reached new heights. Its value across the enterprise has risen to unprecedented levels of importance, a direct correlation to the state of the employment market but also, arguably, the natural evolution and elevation of human resources. “The innovation and widespread adoption of HR technology across the human capital ecosystem has sophisticated the

Here’s 3 Keys to Successful Executive Recruiting

Just about every business publication today, it seems, is talking about the impact of the growing talent shortage on both individual organizations and the overall economy. Research suggests that roughly 40 percent of employers are currently experiencing hiring difficulties. What’s more, 76 percent of hiring decision-makers surveyed for a recent Glass Door report said that

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