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Ezayo has one of the most comprehensive global news networks in the talent management field. Our primary news feed – ‘Insights’ – provides up-to-the-minute coverage on a sector that is highly evolving and in transition. Ezayo editorial staff monitors the latest trends in careers via articles, surveys and podcasts. Here is some of our latest thinking.

Yahoo! HR Leader Examines the ‘Gravitational Pull’ of Employee Engagement

Employee engagement forms the foundation of many talent acquisition leaders’ approach to human capital. Engagement binds employees to an organization’s core values and its purpose. And it is engagement that puts people first, front and center, as an integral part of corporate business strategy.  Employee engagement first appeared as a concept in management theory about

Working With Millennials: What Makes Millennials Tick (Podcast 3/10)

In this third podcast episode of our 10-part podcast series, ‘Working with Millennials,’ we feature another highly informative discussion with Smooch Reynolds, DHR International’s global investor relations and communications practice group leader. According to Ms. Reynolds, if this generation holds true to their passions and interests then as a result four years from now they will

How Millennials Will Shape Politics & the Workplace

Hunt Scanlon’s analysis of the 2016 Millennial electorate suggests that the youth turnout remained about the same as in 2012. Nothing, it seems, in the recent election cycle excited this important demographic group to get out their vote. The presidency is now set for the next four years, and for Millennials – like everyone else

This Feeder Function Puts HR Leaders on Fast Track to CHRO

In building Tower Consultants, Ltd. into a leading executive search boutique dedicated to human resources with an emphasis in the total rewards sector, Donna Friedman and Chris Rose never deviated from an original blueprint first laid out in 1988. As their specialized recruitment brand expanded, they both have remained true to its roots. Today, a

CHRO: Successor to the CEO

In this ‘Talent Talks’ podcast episode, Jason Hanold, CEO and managing partner of Hanold Associates, a specialist boutique focused on HR officer search and board recruiting, discusses with us the CHRO’s rise to the C-suite and the CEO / CHRO relationship. But changing times have helped to elevate the position to new heights. The CHRO, of course,

Why Talent Engagement Is More Important Than Ever

To say that competition for talent is high is an understatement. In today’s candidate-driven hiring climate, companies big and small are all vying for the same limited resource: quality candidates. And while candidate experience and employee value proposition certainly influence an organization’s ability to hire top talent, the more immediate challenge is something most recruiters haven’t had

Failure to Develop, Engage and Retain Talent Is Growing

Businesses are not in tune with their employees’ perceptions of engagement, training and career development, according to a just-released survey of human resource executives conducted by talent management solutions provider Saba. The survey indicated the need for consistent employee feedback across age groups and genders in order to gain an accurate measure of engagement across an entire

The Hunt for Cybersecurity Leadership

This podcast episode features Jeremy King, president of Benchmark Executive Search, one of the most well-respected specialist cybersecurity-focused recruiting firms in the nation. With decades of CXO, VP, GM and board level executive search experience, Jeremy and his team work with top public companies and private equity & VC-backed technology innovators at the intersection of cybersecurity,

Millennials & Politics: Why the Youth Vote Matters

Millennials and politics. What a hot topic just four days out from the general election. This demographic group is now as large a potential political force as Baby Boomers, poised to make up 25 percent of the vote on Tuesday, according to an analysis of U.S. census data from the Pew Research Center. By comparison, in the 2012

Searching for a Sports Executive

In this podcast episode, Chuck Cain, a senior partner with Harvard Group International, discusses the evolving relationship between sports teams and executive search firms. Mr. Cain, who leads Harvard Group’s growing global sports, leisure & entertainment practice, said that recruiters are being called in by sports teams and consumer brands to identify a host of leaders,

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