Ezayo Launches Niche Job Board for Human Resources and Executive Recruiting

Google upgrades its job platform and opens up the hiring game

July 17, 2017 – There’s a new entrant in the race to find global HR and executive recruiting talent. Ezayo, released today, now offers a digital pipeline to jobs in one of the most important functional areas of business. The launch includes a state-of-the-art website – ezayo.com – as well as a mobile platform that includes job postings and career news feeds.

“Today marks a new beginning for HR professionals and executive recruiters,” said Michael F. Wasulko, lead director of marketing and brand development at Ezayo. “For most of us, finding a job starts at job boards,” he said. “But what makes Ezayo so different is our niche approach to just one segment of the market: HR and recruiting. We saw a need developing to create a global jobs platform in the space and decided to jump in.”

Ezayo is currently partnering with over 100 recognized global brand leaders to develop innovative ways to reach HR professionals around the world. Among them: BASF, Aetna, Nike, Diageo, Boston Consulting Group, Anthem, Capgemini, Charles Schwab, Whirlpool, Viacom, SAP, Polaris, Kellogg’s, Oracle, Novo Nordisk, Hilton, Pitney Bowes, Hyatt, Gannett, Conagra, Cummins, Salvation Army and XPO Logistics, to name a few.

“Ezayo could not have come at a more critical time,” said Vineet Gambhir, head of HR at Oath, a Verizon company based in Asia Pacific. “By connecting HR professionals to the right opportunities at the right time, Ezayo will help create a smart next-generation of HR leaders.”

For those interested in learning more about Ezayo, or joining our corporate launch program this summer, please contact Mike Wasulko at (203) 461-1776 or by email at: mike@ezayo.com

About Ezayo
Finding a job is tough work. For most of us, it all starts at job boards. Your grind is finding the right one, focused on your unique skills sets and interests. If that happens to be in HR or the talent acquisition and recruitment field, welcome to Ezayo! We interface with more than 125,000 top professionals, connecting this all-important functional community in over 60 countries. Visit us today and find out why we’re the fastest-growing global pipeline to HR and executive recruiting jobs on the planet.

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