Fresh Predictions: Why Recruitment Needs AI

Don’t fear, the robots are here to help. When you open your doors to AI, your team will love you, and all of the improvements that AI can offer – here’s the latest insight from PandoLogic.

You’ve probably heard the buzz surrounding AI in recruitment. Whether you think it’s a hoax or a soon-to-be-reality, you like most HR leaders are at the very least thinking about its capabilities. You may be thinking, “what can AI do for my bottom line?” or “what about these KPIs?”.  And on top of all that you’re concerned about putting additional stress on your already overworked staff.  Don’t fear, the robots are here to help. When you open your doors to AI, your team will love you, and all of the improvements that AI can offer – here’s how:

Programmatic job distribution to any site

Posting jobs one-by-one on multiple job sites is so 20th century. AI-enabled technology can take all your job listings and automatically distribute them across the far reaches of the Internet, targeting both active and passive job seekers on the most relevant job sites and social networks. No stone is left unturned and no site is left out when AI is at the helm.

With robots doing the menial work, your team can stop worrying about where to find the right candidates and focus on more important tasks like making the perfect hire.

Sophisticated audience targeting

AI can target wherever and whomever you’re looking for in real-time. This technology ensures your listing is only campaigned on relevant sites, so only the right job seekers apply. While you certainly can continue with the “one-size fits all” posting strategy, it’s a poor use of your already tight budget. And, honestly, who has time to sift through unqualified applicants? To get the best response from the specific talent you are searching for, you need a more focused approach. AI takes everything in your job description into consideration, from job title and location to specific requirements to determine the right audience to target along with which sites they will most likely be lurking.

A New Way to Hire
AI is no substitute for human search professionals, but the technology is going to completely overhaul the people business, says Nachi Junankar, founder and CEO of Avrio. The way we hire in the coming years will rely more and more on AI to provide ‘on-the-spot’ hiring decisions. Let’s see what the experts are predicting…

All your team has to do is write the job description and then let the robots work their magic.

Real-time job performance and spending transparency

With AI-enabled recruitment, every aspect of your job ad spend is monitored and optimized in real-time across all your open jobs.

Actual performance is measured against predictive benchmarks around the clock to determine if the job ad campaign is on track or needs adjustment. Say performance is not on track, algorithmic bots will automatically make any necessary changes like where the job is promoted, CPC bid rates, and available budget per job. Not only does this focus your budget on jobs that need it most, but it also helps prevent easy-to-fill positions from eating up your spend.

With the power of predictive data, machine learning, and AI, intelligent algorithms manage your spend per job and per site automatically—across all your open positions to get the best ROI.

AI-enabled recruitment solutions automate and optimize the entire job ad process, without leaving you or your team out of the loop. Don’t fear the robot! They won’t take jobs away. They are here to make us better at our jobs and increase our efficiency. No matter the industry, no matter the job type – AI will improve the quality of your hire and the quality of your team’s work by giving them more time to concentrate on the more important tasks and less time stressing out over the mundane ones. It’s the ultimate win-win scenario!

Andrew W. Mitchell, Managing Editor

Contributed by PandoLogic. PandoLogic enables employers to source quality applicants faster and more efficiently through the use of big data, artificial intelligence, and proprietary campaign algorithms that fully-automate and optimize the job advertising process from job classification and targeted distribution to budget allocation and dynamic bidding across diverse job categories.

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