Why the Candidate Experience Matters and how AI Improves It

With negative hiring experiences spreading quickly through social media and employer review websites, companies must devote resources to delivering the highest quality experience possible to potential candidates to stay competitive. Nachi Junankar, CEO and founder of Avrio, explores the latest trends.

With 38% of enterprises already using AI in the workplace, and 40% using AI in HR, there’s no question that it is well on the way to becoming an integral part of most organizations.

But how will AI affect or improve the employer brand in terms of the hiring process? It is a main concern in a time when many HR managers are saying that talent acquisition is more challenging than ever.

With negative hiring experiences spreading quickly through social media and employer review websites, companies must devote resources to delivering the highest quality experience possible to potential candidates to stay competitive.

Adding to the challenge, there is a major shortage of talent in several tech sectors, among other industries. This makes it more important than ever for HR departments to tailor their hiring practices to address job seeker needs.

With a more seamless and relevant hiring process enhanced by AI, applicants will leave with a positive experience regardless of whether they join a firm or not.

A New Way to Hire
AI is no substitute for human search professionals, but the technology is going to completely overhaul the people business, says Nachi Junankar, founder and CEO of Avrio. The way we hire in the coming years will rely more and more on AI to provide ‘on-the-spot’ hiring decisions. Let’s see what the experts are predicting…

This in turn helps employers develop and maintain a likeable brand. Employers with likeable brands get twice as many job applicants as those with negative brands.

So, there is no question that investing in a more positive candidate experience is worthwhile for employers, but how exactly can AI assist with this?

How AI Tools Enhance Employer Brands

AI talent platforms like Avrio AI can help employers create a more efficient, seamless and desirable hiring experience from the candidate’s point of view, enhancing the employer brand, saving time for HR staff, and helping both parties more quickly determine if the opportunity is right for them.

Intelligent conversations

AI powered chatbots allow for more efficient and intelligent conversations throughout the process. Candidates are automatically asked relevant questions to help HR with screening, while they in turn are also able to ask a wide range of questions about the job to address their primary concerns.

This is much faster than a traditional pre-qualifying phone interview during which time is limited and job seekers often have little opportunity to discuss everything they want. Although interviewers frequently ask candidates if they have any questions, the inherent assumption is that the questions will be limited for the sake of time.

Although an AI conversation is automated, it stays relevant and concise, while allowing for more flexibility on the candidate’s end if they wish to spend more time learning about the company.

Furthermore, because AI chatbots learn and evolve as more data is acquired, including candidate feedback, they allow for greater efficiency in terms of addressing candidate needs and concerns.

Transparent opportunities

Jobs of the Future: Skills You Need to Stay Relevant
‘Once you stop learning, you start dying.’ This statement was quoted by Albert Einstein and it still applies to several areas of our Lives. New jobs are now being invented overnight. We need to think about the skills we’ll need to learn today in order to have a better future tomorrow.

Creating a more transparent experience is essential for employers to enhance their brand visibility and guarantee that candidates walk away knowing everything they would like to know about the company.

An AI talent platform caters to candidate needs by ensuring they can get fast answers to their concerns about day-to-day responsibilities, benefits, vacation time, office culture, scheduling and more.

In turn, the employer brand becomes more transparent and begins to grow by word of mouth, as each candidate will get a better overview of exactly what the company and its job opportunities have to offer and pass that onto others.

24/7 availability

The limited time and pressure of a phone or in-person interview often results in candidates forgetting several questions they were intending to ask.

They might remember them at a later point or in the middle of the night, but of course it is inconvenient for a follow-up at that point.

With an AI talent platform like Avrio AI, job seekers have 24/7 accessibility and can always return to ask additional questions and learn about the company.

Profile enrichment

As another benefit, an AI chatbot can help candidates with polishing their candidate profiles and ensuring they present themselves in the best light possible .

Did a candidate leave something off their resume? No worries, Avrio AI’s chatbot, Rio, can fill in the gaps to ensure that their relevant skills are highlighted for the dream jobs they are applying for.

AI allows for a more human hiring experience

AI will not replace recruiters; instead it speeds up the hiring process and allows HR professionals to focus more on the human aspect of their jobs, rather than the mundane and repetitive tasks that an AI talent platform is capable of handling.

Once the point is reached where HR professionals are interacting directly with candidates, there is much more transparency and understanding between both parties, resulting in a more focused and meaningful hiring experience.

Andrew W. Mitchell, Managing Editor

Contributed by Nachi Junankar, CEO of Avrio AI. Avrio AI uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to gain a comprehensive understanding of a job’s requirements and combs through candidate databases to evaluate fit. Using the power of data, Avrio is capable of evaluating talent at scale and dramatically reducing the time recruiter’s spend qualifying candidates.

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